We can offer a range of refurbishments to suit your budget and requirements.
Fully serviced and safety checked
These units are fully serviced and checked, and repaired and are supplied with all necessary certification to comply with HSE regulations.
Partial refurbishment
These units are prepared as above, with the addition of new chains, forks and seat fitted the unit is also painted.
Full refurbishment
These units are fully are fully striped, the steering axle is removed striped and overhauled as are the brakes and mast transmissions and engines are fully checked and repaired as required the chassis is taken back to metal and fully checked with any damage being repaired. The unit is then assembled and prepared for painting. Unit is finished with new forks chains and seat. We can also offer to paint the units in you company’s colours and fit your company logo.
Buy refurbish and hire back
Why not release the value of your forklifts with this option, we purchase your unit refurbish it to full refurbished standard and supply it back on a termed contract hire with full maintenance. Thus allowing you to forward plan your material handling budgets and use the funds tied up in your material handling equipment for other purposes.